Steven Hayward Psychotherapy





“Everybody is dealing with how much of their own aliveness they can bear and how much they need to anesthetise themselves.” -Adam Phillips.

Human beings are pattern-seeking creatures. We need to understand and make sense, at any cost. As a result we narrate and ‘story’ our experiences, and these stories become our internal working model of the world – formed at an early stage of our history – and define our ongoing, adult narrative. Psychotherapy can be thought of as the identification and critical analysis of these meta-stories and then the soothing, healing, and reframing of our experiences in the hope that we learn a new narrative and form a healthier and more secure internal working model.

I love watching people develop, grow, and stand up to their full height as a more robust, resilient, and secure version of themselves. Whatever your area of concern might be, let’s have a conversation. If your issue is outside my area of expertise, I will happily refer or recommend you to another, perhaps more appropriate, practitioner.

Contact me if you…

…have difficulty with your parental or family relationships.

…have difficulty with work relationships or friendships.

…are generally unhappy or unfufilled.

…are feeling low or are struggling with self-esteem.

…feel anxious in relationships or in life.

…feel angry and don’t know why.

…struggle to be alone and feel like you always need someone to be with.

…feel distant, aloof, or generally detached from your emotions and partner.

…have issues in your childhood or past that you feel are painful or unresolved.

…are struggling with issues or existence or death. Perhaps you find concepts like purpose or meaning puzzling, or are struggling to make sense of life in general.

…have experienced religious trauma, bullying, intimidation, or have been in a controlling religious environment.

…are questioning your faith, or what you’ve been taught. Perhaps you would like to explore the subject of epistomology, logic, and reason, in order to better understand your reality.

Whatever you feel you need help with, please call me. Let’s have a quick conversation and see if we can change your life for the better.